4/17: A tough game for 7 innings today, then the Ghosts scored a run in the 8th and held on to win 1-0.

4/16: It was a tough defensive game for 15 innings until the Armada got a walk off single to beat the Deadly Dogs today 1-0.

4/15: Upmonsters get a run in the 5th and beat the Mutants today 1-0.

4/11: The Ghosts got a run in the 6th.
The Upmonsters tied it 1-1 in the top of the 9th.
The Ghosts win the game 2-1 in the bottom of the 9th on a walk off single!

4/10: The Spartans crush the league's first home run of the season on their way to beat the Bombers today 2-1.

4/9: The Mutants get a run in the 5th and a run in the 8th to beat the Beamriders today 2-0.

4/8: The Deadly Dogs beat the River Raiders 1-0 in 19 innings, tying a record for the longest game in league history!

4/4: The Deadly Dogs bats got hot in the 6th to score a run. They held on to beat the Spartans today 1-0.

4/3: The Ghosts got a run in the 5th, and the Beamriders tied it 1-1 in the 7th.
Both teams fought hard until the 12th when the Beamriders got some big hits for a 2-1 walk-off win.

4/2: A tight game for 5 innings until the Bombers scored a run in the 6th and beat the Armada today 1-0.

4/1: The new Upmonsters offense explodes for three runs in two innings and beat the Smash 3-0.

The Intellivision Baseball League returns April 1! Here are details on this season:

The Snakes are now the Upmonsters with a new offensive focus.

The season will consist of 12 weeks, including two inter-network weeks.
Opposing teams will both wear color uniforms for select games.
Each team will have two bye weeks during the season.
The championship series will take place on June 24.

Shortly after each game is completed, its video will be posted to the league's YouTube channel http://bit.ly/intytube.
Live game updates will be available on Twitter @intysports.

The league is looking for someone to review the game videos and compile team stats for the website. The amount of stats to be compiled would be decided by the statistician. The league is also looking for someone with a vivid imagination to write stories and provide analysis about the league for a blog. Please email intysports@yahoo.com or contact the league on Twitter @intysports if you are interested in these positions.

New uniform designs for the Gallery Page are welcome. Send designs to intysports@yahoo.com or on Twitter @intysports.